What I Learned Through Blogging

For about 5 years that I blog, my way of writing has not changed much!

I’ve always been talkative – nothing new on that side! (I think I’m incorrigible ^^ …), and apart from some layout efforts, my early posts aren’t that different from today.

However, I still learned a lot over time. On the technical side of things (especially since I opened this blog on a whim, without prior reflection!) But also on more general aspects.

Whatever a host of “miracle” articles promise, the only experience offers a real insight into the habits and customs of blogging, on what to “need” to do, and on what works or not.

Already because it is in fact very different from one blog to another; but also because we only realize certain things by confronting them as we publish.

No need to want to go ahead of the music: blogging is necessarily learning on the job, improving after your mistakes, falling into inevitable pitfalls, and overcoming difficulties.

You can’t arrive all at once with all the right keys!

It would be illusory, and counterproductive in reality, because it would lack that extra soul that pushes readers to come back.

And even when we “know” the right reflexes to adopt, we must also accept that we cannot – and should not – necessarily apply them all.

I acquired a lot of knowledge on managing a blog or successful social networks, but I also made the choice not to always implement them. My blog is already doing well like this, and it suits me …

It is not intended to be a real professional tool – my thing is more words and simplicity. I prefer my content to reflect it, even if it means depriving myself of certain advantages (affiliate commissions or paid articles), or having an imperfect blog (hello, articles that are too long, the editorial line exploded, SEO not optimized !. ..).

I don’t just rely on technique – but even in other aspects of blogging, there is a lot to be discovered…

My 5 years of blogging also taught me that there are some points we can not fight anyway.

You can’t do everything at once!

Blogging necessitates us to be so many things at the same time: writing, design, referencing, community management, the content of social networks, partnerships, competitions…

All of these take a crazy amount of time, which we generally don’t have! (the majority of blogs remaining “recreational”, and not a fully-fledged professional activity). So we have to set priorities, according to our desires and objectives, focusing above all on our strengths.

Then we move at our own pace, without pressure – step by step! Wanting to do everything at the same time is the best way … to do nothing at all.

Everything will never be perfect

To launch your blog, dare to publish this strong article that is close to your heart, you will necessarily have to take the plunge at one time or another.

It’s always a bet: we’re afraid of making a flop … but after all, whatever. Do not wait until everything is absolutely perfect before you start: there will always be something to improve, and as one of my precious allies would say: ” done is better than perfect “.

Whatever we do… we remain ourselves

Fortunately, moreover, because that remains the very essence of a blog! No need to want too much to copy a model that works elsewhere, or to make yourself another person. Given the investment that it requires, we can not go the distance if we are not connected with what we are.

Readers are not mistaken; if they don’t find a real personality in you, they won’t “hang on”.

However, you don’t need to want to be original at all costs – finding a new subject or a different angle, of course, is better; but it is not easy and it requires a lot of energy each time. You end up putting pressure on yourself, whereas writing simpler articles is also pleasant, for yourself and for your readers!

Give yourself the means to do what you want

Whatever your goal, it’s going to take a lot of yourself. And often provoke your luck, without waiting with folded arms!

To make yourself known, you will have to do your “advertising” outside the blog.

To maintain contact with your readers, you’ll need to figure out how to get them to talk to you.

To develop partnerships, you will have to sort through the demands of the brands, and sometimes canvass the ones that interest you.

To maintain a collaborative section over time, you will have to take out the trains, motivate your participants, or even send interview requests.

In short: it is not enough to wait for everything to happen for you – you have to be constantly active!

Accept the part of the unforeseen

What you have in mind will not always turn out as you imagined …

Sometimes you will find a great topic, but you still won’t be able to find the words to address it, or you will be demotivated to see someone treat it right when you wanted to.

You will be sure this great article that you would like to heart, which you’ve spent hours on, will be a success: yet it will not work, while this other article basic, more quickly, will be more in people’s face.

It’s frustrating, but by posting an article, we accept that it no longer belongs to us completely. We can’t control everything – and that shouldn’t stop us from continuing!

Do not be afraid of doubts or demotivation

We will necessarily go through this! And it’s pretty healthy, in the end, that real-life takes over our virtual life, that we question ourselves, or that we reach our limits.

We remain human above all, and not machines to create content! Small breaks are often even welcome to relaunch our inspiration, catch our breath and why not, evolve. It is only bad for a good!

I still have a lot of things to discover … But I notice that over time, I’ve reduced the pressure a little, becoming more natural and detached. 

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