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Advanced SEO Tools For WordPress & Common Mistakes You Should Avoid

Last updated on August 8th, 2021 at 03:03 pm

The first thing you need to know about WordPress is that it powers about one-fourth of the entire internet. That means 1 in every four websites you see on the internet is built on WordPress. Still, need more reasons to be on it?

Well, WordPress is free to all and open source platform which means anyone with a piece of technical knowledge can modify it. WordPress is built and developed by its users, which is why it’s always improving and in the truest sense, is of the people, by the people, for the people.

There is no better platform that can compete with WordPress when it comes to search engine optimization. WordPress is hands down the best SEO optimized platform you can get. So there is no need for second thoughts if you are thinking of building your website. WordPress is your go-to platform.

Role of WordPress

WordPress has worked hard to bring several SEO tools under one roof for your convenience.

As if its friendliness with Google wasn’t enough for you to make your choice. WordPress allows Google for easy data crawling of its content from the web pages.

As a result, your website gets top ranking on search results. After all, better-optimized content drives more traffic to your web page which in turn will convert to more exposure and revenue.

Recently, WordPress has incorporated some new SEO features into itself as SEO plugins. The only problem with WordPress was that WordPress didn’t allow you to customize your site with widgets. So, this is a welcome change, especially for business users.

New features

WordPress now comes with custom-made titles and descriptions. As a business website owner, you can seek the help of WordPress as a host, and now you will have the option to customize your titles and Meta description as well. Not only that, but you can also customize the structure of the page title.

You can now preview your material before you decide to publish it. This is indeed a unique feature of WordPress. Now with this, you can get a sneak peek of what your content would look like across all networks and can make necessary changes beforehand.

But as smooth it may seem to use WordPress, there are certain mistakes you need to refrain from making. People often make these errors and then wonder why their SEO optimization isn’t getting them their desired result.

Setting the time zone right

You need to set the time zone right when you create a new WordPress site. This is perhaps one of the most common mistakes people make. You need to change the time zone under the settings option.

If you don’t do this, then you will face a problem when you will schedule your posts at a particular time and then find out that your article wasn’t published at that time.

Set targets

The most significant mistake you can make is not setting targets on your Google analytics. You need to keep measuring your results and comparing them to your set goals for successful SEO optimization. It isn’t always about how many visitors you get to your page.

But if those visitors do not turn into potential buyers then those views mean nothing. You are building your product or service to make people invest in it. Otherwise, it is all just a waste of time and effort. No matter what action you must take, make sure that it results in a certain kind of revenue creation.

You can use a method like asking your visitors to join your email list as a customer and then congratulate them when they do so. You can create a congratulations page for this very purpose. When this is done, then you can use Google Analytics to count how many people did that and then you can get a correct estimate of your SEO.

With the help of Google analytics, you can now have support in measuring how much organic traffic you are getting. It is better to approach in a targeted way than just through random arrows in the dark.

Publishing content at regular interval

By not publishing content regularly, you are disappointing your customers who will look forward to your content. Publishing from time to time gives people something to look forward to. It gives them the idea of being involved in your work.

This creates relation and brand loyalty.

Not just that, but it also gives your web page a better rank and option for better keywords. This means your website will eventually get more visibility in the search engine results.

You need to remember the fact that Google gives preference to websites that publish regular content. When fewer number of people visits your site, Google notices this, and it will crawl your site less as well.

The benefit of updated content

People find your web page on their search results when they search for relevant content that matches your keywords. But to make them stay, your content needs to stay updated and fresh. Now and then, if visitors find outdated content, they will probably click out of your website. The importance of updating your content from time to time cannot be mentioned enough.

Always keep an eye for broken links

Any search engine, especially Google would prefer a clean website over a broken one. You need to make sure that all the links on your site are up to date and not let visitors find a 400 or a 500 error. There is software that can help you with this. And if you need professional guidance then you can search online. There are many SEO expert companies like Grammer Kotton which can help you with all your SEO related problems.


Other than the problems mentioned above, you also need to check for certain typical rookie mistakes that people make. Such as, not opening a graph social Metadata, not creating an XML sitemap, avoiding or not giving enough importance to Permalinks, etc. When you consciously avoid making these mistakes, then you can be sure to reap the benefits of a fully SEO optimized WordPress website which will guarantee new business revenues.