Real Ways to Make Money From Home in Nigeria

make money from home in Nigeria

Today there are several reasons why people need real ways to make money from home in Nigeria especially online. Those reasons could be by choice or many times you do not even have a choice.

The noise out there today on quick ways to make money is alarming in Nigeria, every now and then someone is either sending a social media BC or a flier in Lagos, Nigeria – all claiming you  can make money quick. But, we know better.

Personally I work most times from my home office – after I quit my job and left the 8-5 world, because I diagnosed that wasn’t for me, not even in the craziness in Lagos, Nigeria, where I live. I had no choice than to search for real ways to make money from home in Nigeria, after wasting all my life savings on stupid get rich quick schemes. Now this is my choice to find real ways to make money from home.

I have also experienced not long ago when my wife had to quit her job when we welcomed our son. If she had her way she wouldn’t want to because I know she is passionate about what she does. Again we have talked so much about how we want our home to be and how we want to raise our kids, if we must achieve this, she knows she has to leave the work environment for sometime.

Now here are two different occasions and also different reasons why anyone may have to think of working from home. For some they just desire freedom, for another they are tired of the workplace politics, to yet another seeking more streams of income.

Regardless of your reasons, they are legit!

Please if you find yourself in this space – you are normal and there is really nothing wrong with you.


I just have to say this because I struggled when I started these life years back.

I had to convince myself that I am making the right decision and above all, I am not lazy as many easily term me to be.

The reality of the visual world is more evident today in our world, and Nigeria is not left out of it.

The top, richest and most influential companies in the world do not produce any physical products, the likes of Google, Amazon, Facebook, Ali-express, just to mention a few.

Coming back home to Nigeria, the penetration of the internet is amazing and the acceptance of social media is something crazy and it is birthing a multi-billion industry already, which is the comedy industry.

Now creativity sells in Nigeria, as a matter of fact, that is the “short-cut” to becoming famous and making real money from home. What I call the social media magic.

Everyone now is using their phones to create skits to sell on all social media platforms, almost all the accounts on Instagram today are business accounts. Everyone is just selling something – either an idea, service or a product.

I know this, it made thing simpler for me, I was only looking for lucrative businesses online alone and how I can create more passive income.

I mentioned all of these for you to see that searching for real ways to make money from home in Nigeria is the right way to think. I have come to embrace this life because it’s my best life.

How can I explain away how my life changed from being broke, in debt, homeless, jobless to getting jobs, marrying my best friend, living in a modest apartment, buying a car, having a son, and living my best life within the space of two years?

This new life I cannot trade for anything, and it’s one I am most grateful for.

Before I bore you completely and take you off tangent completely, I want to share with you some easy and real ways you can make money from the comfort of your home in Nigeria.

Again I think I need to make this very clear that easy doesn’t mean you won’t put in hard work, neither is it a get rich quick scheme.

It’s the same as you starting any other business, you would give it time to grow, invest in it and be patient with it.

If you’re looking for an easy and quick way to make money, let me point it out to you that it doesn’t exist.

Really? Yes really!

You might hear of programs or schemes paying quick without doing nothing, those are not sustainable, you would end up wasting money, like I did when I quit my job, invested in rich quick schemes and lost all my life savings – I almost went into depression, till I stood up and fought my way here.

Real Ways to Make Money From Home in Nigeria

I’ll quickly mention some legit ways to make money from home in Nigeria. Some of the businesses mentioned here I have practised, the once I have not, I have someone very close who have and also made a good fortune from them. So, I’m being real here and giving a copy and paste content online. So, take this seriously.

Make money online from home in Nigeria through blogging

The role blogging has played in my life is immeasurable. I started out as a blogger, knowing little or nothing about blogging and what I was even blogging about. I was confused that I have had to change my blogs, this blog is my third blog.

start a blog

One thing my blogs did for me in the midst of it all was to portray me as a professional in the midst of my chaos. I did mention a few about that in the blog post I titled how to brand yourself as an expert to get jobs and create more business opportunities.

If you want to make money from home, then blogging might be a good place to start. Here are the few things you should note about blogging.

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  • You have to write content that’s worth sharing or referencing online.
  • It is true that you do not need to be a good writer, you can hire a professional to write for you or learn through the ropes.
  • Neither do you need to know everything about the niche you want to write about, as you learn, you keep writing
  • You also do not need to write blog posts every day.
  • People won’t visit your blog because you wrote an amazing post, you have to promote your blog for people to notice you.

Finally, you need to have a monetization strategy, not just that you need to know the best. If you search on google you would get tons of advice on how to make money with a blog, but truthfully not all of them work or make sense. One popular and annoying one people always mention is Google Ad-sense, but it is a dumb method to make money from your blog especially when starting out, it is stupidity to sell the traffic you have worked out your life for 20 cents per click to take them someone else website who would make a huge sale, and you will earn at most one dollar.


Make money from home in Nigeria with YouTube

YouTube has become the go-to place for so many things, ranging from “how-to videos”, to “music videos”, “comedy”, “football videos”, “kids content”. I marvel at how addicted my six-month-old son has been to his YouTube videos, he doesn’t want to be distracted when watching. At six months, my son already has favourite videos, there are videos he will cry when it’s played, that is amazing.

What is more amazing are the millions of views these videos have gotten over time. Some 50 even to 100 million views. Now that amount of views is a huge business, more lucrative than some businesses around.


If you can create content that is a video that can solve a need, then you can make some good money from it.

Someone thought to make animated videos for babies, because he is aware that parents and even creche need these videos to keep babies busy, and he creates a video either by himself or hires someone to do so, now my son cannot do without those videos, every day we keep him busy with it. We are happy, the baby is happy, YouTube is happy, the content creator too is happy.

Now that’s a good business.

Creating videos now on YouTube is a big business and is becoming very competitive. There is almost nothing you search for that you won’t have a video someone has uploaded, but the good news is content can never be enough. Sooner or later, we would want more contemporary videos for my son.

Create videos on anything that can help people and that is all.

People want to watch movies, they want to watch comedy, football, learn fashion tips, people desire to improve in all aspects of life and they are searching for a solution to every of their problems.

My wife watched videos every week throughout her nine months pregnancy, she watches videos of several people filming their experiences throughout their pregnancy journey, that might look like a stupid content, but they get heavy millions of views and subscribers. The videos do not need to be professional, an honest opinion is good enough. 

Again you need to have a good monetization strategy, YouTube ads monetization is the quickest way to start, there is a requirement of 4,000 public watch hours in the last 12 months and 1,000 subscribers before you can monetize your videos.


Make money from home in Nigeria by selling Information Products

If you have mastered some skill and knowledge or you have made some level of success in a particular endeavour, teaching others how to replicate the same success is the way to go.

This you can easily do from the comfort of your home. that is where info products come in. It could be a book or ebook, online course, webinar, checklists, etc.

If you have good skills in cooking African delicacies, then you can create a course teaching people how to do that.

info product

The difference between an online course and YouTube is that YouTube is free, you post videos there for free and you do not really care how people interact with it. But this will also be videos as well, you can include PDF for further reading, you can have students take assignments, and you can give certificates if you want to. This is a more structured coaching system to help people master a skill, not just a video dumped on their faces.

I find this a good business because you teach once and you can make money for a lifetime with it. You earn passive income so I like to do it better by having an ongoing conversation with my students. So I don’t just create videos and zip them and sell them in a store, I create a members area where students can watch videos and can ask questions.

If you have any skill at all that you need to share, then this may be a very good business for you, there is no limit to how much you can earn.

If you are considering this business, then you should check the online business model that made me a millionaire


Make money from home in Nigeria with Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a fantastic way to make money online from your home.

You see, not everyone can create a product or service of themselves.

Some are just not wired to, while others have nothing really to sell.

Now, affiliate marketing will help you share the profit of those who have created amazing products or services, simply by helping them promote it. 

Basically, you get paid a certainly agreed commission for every sale you make.


If you’re just looking to making something no matter how small from affiliate marketing, you just want to make it as a side hustle and nothing serious, then you have little or nothing to do than to search for some affiliate programs, I have an affiliate program for one of my course where I pay affiliate a whopping amount of 10,000 naira per sale. Register for a couple of more platforms, jumia and Konga Affiliate Programs are quite popular, promote them on your social handles –  WhatsApp status, Instagram, Facebook and you can make a few sales monthly and you will be fine.

But if you are looking to make good money, like thousands in dollars monthly, then there are some structures you have to put in place to make this work.

I guess you should want to know more about how to get that done.

I have written a comprehensive guide about affiliate marketing, I shared tips and secrets most affiliate marketers won’t, you can check this guide here. I’ve written everything you need to learn, to some affiliate programs you can get registered with and start earning.


Make money from home in Nigeria by freelancing on Fiverr or Upwork

Becoming a freelancer is definitely not a bad idea when you have any skill that someone can pay for.

It’s funny and true that today every skill is important and valuable, I was amazed the other day I visited Fiverr and saw the kind of gigs people sell. Once you have a skill that can solve a problem, then you can sell those skills as a freelancer.

Starting a freelancing career is very easy with a site like Fiveer, the downside of Fiverr is that gigs can be as low as $5 but can also go as high as you want. I must acknowledge that the competition on that platform is overwhelming. Maybe that’s why I stopped every attempt to build a Fiverr business.

make money from home in Nigeria

Upwork on the other hand is a premium site where you get paid very well for your services, however, getting approved on that platform can be very difficult depending on your Niche. Some niches are already saturated, regardless of your skill or certifications, you may not be accepted on the platform.

Working on both platforms or any other freelancing platforms out there can help you build a profitable business from home.

Many have complained that this business model doesn’t work, it is difficult to get a job on those freelancing platforms. That can be relatively true, what most people don’t realize is that any new business takes time to grow. It’s not only peculiar to Fiverr or freelancing.

If you are going into a market, especially a saturated one, you need to have a strategy, one that can keep you afloat with competition and above all keep you above. Unfortunately what many people do is signup on those platforms and go to sleep hoping they would get an alert for a job.


Things You Need to Consider Before Deciding to Work From Home

Working from home seems to be a good idea when you are on a paid regular job, but there are some factors and challenges that come with it, so you have to be sure you are ready for it. For me, I went broke and I had to move in back with my mum, I had to deal with the idea that people had that I was jobless and leave all the house chores for me to fix. I never stopped letting people know I have a job, I’m only doing from home.

Kindly consider the following:

  1. Do you have enough money to survive until money starts coming in?
  2. You won’t have the benefits (like pension scheme) that you had before.
  3. You probably won’t see the friends you used to work with anymore
  4. Can you stay focused and productive at home, especially if you have young children at home?
  5. Do you have the self-discipline needed to get jobs done in the home environment?
  6. Do you have all the software and equipment you will need for working at home?
  7. How will working at home affect your social life?
  8. Do you have enough work coming in to justify the change?
  9. How much do you have to invest in your home business to get it up and running?
  10. Do you know when to draw the line from family distractions?



I hope you won’t give up on the idea of making money from home because I know it is not very easy to do, but it is something you will be proud you did if you against all odds get it done. I made my list of businesses short because I only wanted to post businesses I’m sure works and I can point people in the right directions, If you have also tried your hands on making money from home and you have had experiences, good or ugly, I will be glad if you can share them in the comment section below, we can keep the post going, I love to keep learning and it might also help someone or as well. 

All the best in your pursuit to make money online from home.


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