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How I Quit My Job to Become an Online Entrepreneur

Last updated on February 11th, 2020 at 02:13 pm

Hi, you are about to read one of the few best things that have ever happened to me – how I quit my job and also went ahead to become an online entrepreneur in Nigeria.

My paid job experience in Lagos, Nigeria

Waking up very early in the morning, It’s another week ahead, another weekend just ended, That mood when all that hovers in my head is how to catch a bus and get to the office before traffic builds – gidi traffic wahala. I do not know if you can identify with this nostalgia.  Maybe I should take it a step further – you are committed to your work and what you do, but there is still these feeling there should be more. You always feel caged in, you have a sense of feeling time is passing you,  you are aware you are not moving at a commensurate pace you would. You work very hard yet you can’t pay your own bills as you ought, most times your salary is finished upon arrival. Personally, for me, it comes with a feeling on inadequacy.

Well, all I saw myself do during this period is living a lie. I wear my suit almost all week with a polished shoe and a starched shirt, everyone around envied me, many folks wanted to be like me.  As a matter of fact, some IT students at my office look up to me with admiration, it looked as if I have my life and career was all sorted. But deep within me, I wanted more, within me I know I do not share the same feeling.

My frustration at work

It did not take too long before I started feeling frustrated! I couldn’t explain why I work so hard and yet I couldn’t have enough. I hated the idea of earning salaries all of a sudden. Well, it is only a fool that will explain away employee security in the workplace. The Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of need theory explained to me in the class became a reality to me at these moments. Undoubtedly every human out there would join an organization or any workplace because they have a need to be met first, the only time they can meet organizational needs is when those needs are met. Basic needs like shelter, security, food, acceptance and the likes must be given. Once these are not met – there’s bound to be friction. Any organization that is particular about performance must put this into serious considerations. You want to meet the needs of your employees so they can meet yours.

Fortunately or unfortunately, most people around me share the same sentiments. Colleagues at work and friends generally cannot stop complaining about their workplace – they all feel they deserve better in all ramifications. I barely met someone who feels cool with his work or perpetually satisfied. Maybe that is a pointer that employees can hardly be satisfied. When these complaints come to me, one question I cannot but ask folks is this: “what are you doing about it?” Everyone complains and do nothing about it! Everyone perpetually explains it away to be the new normal – it is simply called “hustle”. So unfortunate I must retort.

Probably you can identify with my story and feeling – when you give so much and get nothing in return. You see no future in what you do, every time you close your eyes you see a future you desire, yet you know the path you are trailing can’t take you there, maybe you have not even taken time to figure that out as I did for myself. Anyway figuring it out if you need to, but this is my thought; instead of waiting for that future you desire, why not create it yourself?

How I quit my Job eventually to become an online entrepreneur in Nigeria

In the thick of the recession in Nigeria, at a time where family and friends got fired due to downsizing, a terrible moment for most employees as many who were not even laid off where being owed several months of salary unpaid. At this same time, my job was not only secured, I even got promoted. Promoted from being the office administrator to leading the marketing team. To my boss, it was a juicy offer, to my family and friends it was a sign of something better ahead. Did I really share the same sentiment? You must have guessed right.

I only saw it as more frustration. Waking up to the alarm every morning to meet up work demands was becoming a crazy idea to me, becoming an online entrepreneur in Nigeria was an idea. Regardless of my success at work, I knew I could do more if only I experience joy at work. In the midst of my frustration, I had a blog dapsdiary I was not totally committed to because of work demand. But every time I spent on the blog from writing my thoughts to sharing and above all feedback I get from my articles bring me some sense of fulfillment money cannot buy. At this moment I was writing on a series I titled: “how to live above recession” and everything I wrote in the article was an indictment on me. How can I know this much and not embody what I know? This was my concern at the time. Well, I was doing some investments here and there anyway, learning to be the next big online entrepreneur in Nigeria.

The fear got me tied

I love my life and I want to take it seriously! I want the best for myself and every fiber of my being was and is still determined to reach for the galaxies. My dream of greatness is not just negotiable. Yet following my dreams became a major uphill, it was a very difficult decision to make. More difficult than I ever imagined.

Can I afford to lose the major stream of income I have just to be an online entrepreneur in Nigeria with no guarantee? It doesn’t sound wise because all I wanted was more. So I gave my new promotion a try – but it did not help any better. I just did not like what I was doing, including several challenges at the office, everyone in a workplace would go through either one or the other, either from your boss, colleagues, or subordinates.

I studied business in school and I did business all through my stay in school. Business is all I have known, it is what I teach, and what I’m passionate about, so what I’m I doing in the office I wondered? Learning the ropes was the aim, apparently, it just wasn’t working. Then I made up my mind it was over. I was ready to put an end to always waking up tired every morning, always looking up to leave work, and perpetually feeling I’m caged – I feel enslaved working Mondays to Saturdays and having no other life. I was tired of living a lie, making everyone feel all is fine when it isn’t. You shoulder so many responsibilities and you are choking just because you wear a tie. People feel I’m rich and expect much from me, I was tired of the facade of always trying to meet up. Always patching up my expenses, not having sustainable and reasonable savings.

The point many may never get to – quit my job

I was not only tired, but I was also ready to do something about it – unfortunately, this point is where many never get to. Maybe you also reading this. I know I must have lost so many through my lengthy thoughts, but for you to keep reading through to this point means you are either curious or you identify with the story.

So I was gonna quit my job. Nobody understood with me! Some felt it was stupid, some said I was lazy, others saw me as being irresponsible. For some of my family members especially my mum, the issue isn’t quitting, but seating back at home and working on my PC. My mum couldn’t understand with me becoming a freelancer or becoming an online entrepreneur in Nigeria. I did not think I understand either. Like I said I was not earning on my blog at the time, all I got from it was just satisfaction but that was good enough to start, and unfortunately, my work did not give me enough time to combine both, my only option was to choose between them. My brain chose to continue my work – I need the pay, while my mind chose my blog. It was more like a tale of two natures finding expression within me.

The bitter pill that came after I quit my job

I understood the implication of this decision – I was going to leave my apartment and move in back with my mum as paying rent in that part of town will be too expensive without a basic monthly pay. My marriage plans with have to be on hold till further notice and other life projects. It was a big deal, and a bitter pill to swallow. Regardless my mind was made up. Thank God for the supportive woman God planted into my life, even though she couldn’t understand some things, she trusted my decisions and believed the best for me. Beyond what my work gave me, she was concerned about my happiness genuinely.

Many folks who saw me as arrogant and stupid were watching, to me I knew they were waiting for me to fail, and my mind was made up never to let them. I had fears – great fears! The fear of the unknown; all the “what if’s” in the world would run through my mind daily. Just what if I was wrong, and pursuing happiness and joy at work is just a mere myth, what if I never make it through? I’m grateful for my heritage, I’m grateful for mentors, and tutors that I’ve had. I’m grateful I have a perfect understanding and application of fear. Instead of setting me back, fear was my motivation to keep going – converting fear into productivity is very important. I think I shared an idea about that before in my previous blog.

I had steel in my conviction

The journey was not smooth, my major business as a freelancer with a friend and brother resulted in a major loss in millions. I not only lost everything I have saved during my working moments, but I was also in debt in 7 figures. Life became more muddled up. I was so broke I couldn’t even buy data to blog. I woke up frustrated. But in those moments of “idleness and frustrations” was where my major initiatives were birthed. Those moments only put more steel in my convictions about what I want. I became more creative, I learned to fail, I learned never to stop. I went as far as fixing my friends’ laundry just to be able to pay some bills. Deep in my mind, I knew the decision to quit my job was a right one.

I have not gotten there yet. I’m still in the quest of pursuing my dreams. As a matter of fact, I’m just starting out. That was why I started this blog entirely new. I am ready to learn, relearn and unlearn.

Becoming an online entrepreneur in Nigeria

This is my story I call: the pursuit of my dreams, creating wealth and finding fulfillment. I already imagine this a book someday that will be a bestseller.

Fast-forward 2 years after I quit my job, life now gets better by the day, I earn conveniently in 6 figures weekly, I have my own apartment, I am now married to the woman I love. I do what I love to do and get paid for it, I work from home, I spend time with my family. Indeed becoming an online entrepreneur in Nigeria is one of the few best decision I have ever had to make.


Does this story sound like you? Do you feel the same feeling of greatness within? Consider if what you do now can get you there. I won’t advise you quit your job like me, those decisions are personal. But what I know is that you can start creating passive income online, you too can be an online entrepreneur. What is life without fulfillment? See 7 awesome things your’e losing because you are not start blogging or why you should start a podcast todaysee also how to become a self made digital marketing today?

Why not take action about your own life today? This is the difference between the ordinary and the great.

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If you know you identify with my story, or you have taken a similar decision like mine, or you have a question to ask, drop them in the section below. I would love to hear them. Above all if you find my story motivating, do not forget to share, it might encourage some else out there.