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Latest online businesses in Nigeria selling like wildfire

Last updated on August 9th, 2021 at 09:14 pm

Online businesses in Nigeria today is on autopilot and the search for Best Online Money Making Opportunities In Nigeria  is just never

I do not need to spend time to convince you that 9-5 is going out of extinction – we have seen how creativity using the social media and internet generally have made the difference for so many people in recent years in Nigeria.

The virtual world is becoming so real than never before.

We all work to earn money because money is required to live a comfortable life and fulfil our desires.

Most people work in offices, shops, factories, some people (like me) enjoy working comfortably at home. The concept of a home office is beneficial with each passing day as it ensures flexibility in day-to-day schedules.

Today, there are many opportunities available to build a career that allows working at home, which does not require huge capital investment.

It is only right for people to search and desire to learn how they can earn from home. These opportunities are beneficial for both men and women, also ideal for students or mothers. They can earn money to cover for daily expenses or can contribute to the family besides taking care of family and children.

Before we get started, some of the businesses I mentioned in this article I have done and made me a millionaire in just 2 years, I can show you the businesses and point you in the right direction to start your own too.

Latest Online Businesses in Nigeria

Below are opportunities you can explore from home:

freelance writing

Freelance Writing 

Freelance writing is one of the best ways to make money online today and one of the fastest growing online businesses in Nigeria today.

This work involves creating valuable content for people or businesses that do not have the time to do it themselves.

Just like every other business, starting the flow of income will not be very good and you can feel like you have devoted time and effort and are not able to make proper profits, it is simple it will take time for you to build credibility trust and experience. But once you become experienced, you can earn a good profit. With more work,

You can write for websites, you can write articles, blogs, white papers, e-books, sales letters, etc. You can also write for magazines and newspapers. In other words, if you have a passion for writing and you prove to be honest then you can start searching for jobs in freelance, writing and earning money.

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  • There should be a desktop or laptop with a good internet connection.
  • A sample of some original writing you wrote.
  • You must have complete confidence in your English language and grammar skills.
  • At the time of freelance writing, you should be strong enough and committed.
  • You should be strong enough to accept rejection or criticism in your belief because writing is very subjective, a person likes your writing, while others do not.

How To Start

  • Pick a mentor and learn his business model. Bamidele is one awesome guy who has had huge success with freelance writing and has helped quite a handful earn four figures monthly in dollars.
  • Create a gig on freelancing sites like Upwork and Fiverr and start selling your skill.
  • Email any local business that you think might need your services
  • Search for sites that pay freelancers, bookmark them and take advantage of any opportunity.
  • Have a blog to show your writing prowess – this way you build credibility fast.

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start a blog

Start A Blog

Blogging over time has been abused.

Thanks to Google, we have seen a decent cleansing in the blogosphere. Google has done a good job making irrelevant lazy bloggers who do nothing than spam people with ads in their quest to make money, I’m sure Google is not stopping. This is good because it gives room for people who are hardworking and have good stuff to share get found.

Regardless, if you are considering online businesses in Nigeria today, blogging is a good way to brand yourself as an expert online and thereby get more jobs or seal more business deals. I have three blogs and my blogs have been my tool to always get a job. I work from home and I will never have to job hunt again.


  • There should be a desktop or laptop with a good internet connection.
  • Create a blog on your favourite topic.
  • Have a desire to learn – start by having a blogging mentor and learn his business model. I know this is not popular but it will save you time, why spend years on trial and error? Learn their mistakes and fast-track success.

How To Start

Starting a blog has never been easier today, you do not need to pay a web developer all your money to have one, learn how you can design your blog and start earning in my FREE blog mastery course.

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Source: Google

Start A Youtube Channel

Think of any such video that people will enjoy seeing. Work perfectly on this. Write scripts, create videos and upload them. If your content is breathless, you will hit the jackpot – it may only take a little while.

The number of video uploaders on Youtube is increasing steadily. So if you can show something unique to people then you can easily earn well by displaying ads on the video and other business models YouTubers use – sell an eBook, course, affiliate marketing, etc.


  • Any device with a good internet connection
  • A recording device, you may not need a DSLR camera when starting, you have a decent recording using your phone. A friend Dr Malik, one of the top YouTubers in Nigeria has hit this spot using his mobile phone.

How To Start

  • Head to YouTube, sign in with a Gmail account, then create a channel and start uploading videos. This is one online business in Nigeria that a lot of people are into seeing how easy it is to make a video go viral.


Affiliate Marketing

You can sell other people’s products and services on your blog/website, well some people use their social media handles to do this. With this, it is easy to start earning money online by choosing and enrolling in some good affiliate programs around.

You can learn everything about affiliate marketing see some good programs you can take advantage of in my Ultimate guide to affiliate marketing. This can be easy, but like blogging, affiliate marketing takes time and some appropriate strategic plans have to be prepared too, nevertheless, it is one of those online businesses in Nigeria I cannot fail to mention – I earned my first $1000 through affiliate marketing.

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  • There should be a desktop or laptop or phone with a good internet connection.
  • Display other people’s products/services by creating a related site on your favourite topic.
  • Include appropriate SEO techniques to enhance your work.

How To Start

Read more about affiliate marketing in Nigeria in my ultimate guide.

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lucrative online businesses in nigeria

Online teaching or home tuition

By teaching at home or offering online classes, you can increase your knowledge and earnings. This is a great way to earn money from your home, if you trust your ability to teach something you have mastered, then you can dedicate some time to teach people who are willing to learn. Online learning is the future of learning.  Similarly, you can start home tuition for students in your area, this can be done with the help of social media.


  • There should be a desktop or laptop with a good internet connection.
  • Start applying for online teacher post in various websites offering online courses.
  • For tuition at home, you only need a room in your house with a table, blackboard and some chairs to accommodate only 5-6 students.
  • Start demo classes soon and if you have good learning skills, you will be able to teach as many students as possible.

How To Start

You can start by building an online platform where you can host your courses as I did here for website design mastery. You can also register your services with a website like

latest online money making opportunities

Post photos to stock photo sites

Whether you are an amateur or a professional photographer, you can earn good money by making your photos licensed on websites such as,, and, etc. But you’ll have to meet the standards and picture quality of these sites. Keep in mind these Criteria and Standards are very high. Photos must be at least 4 to 12 megapixels and JPEG format.

The high standard also means that your photos can be rejected. “We review photos and videos based on light, focus, and noise,” says Shawnon Olders of Shutterstock’s Head of Global Communications. Apart from this, we also check the copyright issue of logos, labels, and photos of cartoon and TV series logo, label and cartoon logo. ‘

If you are not a professional photographer then learn the basics of photo editing on Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom. Also, your earnings depend on your download number, so keep posting new photos continuously.

The possibility of earning

Uploaded photos will get you commission for every download. This commission is different for different sites and you can get higher prices with exclusive rights. Selection standard for Getty image’s photographs is very high, but for every download, a commission of 20% is available.

Adobe Stock offers 33% commission and Shutterstock pays flat for each download. Other sites like Alemie, Stoxie and Shutterpoint commission 35-80%., which is an Indian stock photo website, gives the highest commission of 50%. 

How To Start

Upload photos to as many sites as possible as opposed to giving an exclusive right to one. Increase your visibility, make sure you put appropriate keywords to each photo uploaded.

virtual assitants

Virtual Assistance

Virtual assistants give away administrative services to companies or businesses that need those services but for some reasons don’t want a physical staff. Business and companies are now giving preference to Freelancer Candidates instead of full-time hiring to complete a project. By doing this, they do cost-cutting. A virtual assistant work may include data entry, project management, appointment scheduling, website and blog maintenance, customer service provider, presentation of data from the data, etc.


  • You must have good communication skills, MS Office, Excel, PowerPoint basics.
  • To deal with many clients, you must have the ability of multitasking.
  • No special qualification is required for this work. But you can participate in the certification and training program for credibility in the market.

How to start

  • To find work, you can go to LinkedIn on Job listings, Career sites and Freelancing websites like and As the experience grows, you can create your website and market your work through social media to expand the network.

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social media manager

Social Media Manager

The social media magic today cannot be left unmentioned. With the rapid growth in online advertising and marketing, there is a growing demand for people who can manage the social media presence of businesses. In addition to the content on social media sites for a company, there is much other work involved in social media management.


  • Developing Online Marketing Strategy in Social Media Management
  • Monitoring Presence on Social Media Using Analytics Tools
  • Researching Target Audiences by analyzing data points, running Social Media Campaigns and Ads
  • Changes in Marketing Strategy to Change Trends

Working Tip

The world of social media is constantly changing. Therefore, continuously improving your marketing skills to get a step by step from other platforms. I will advise anyone who wants to do this to take any Social Media Marketing course. You can check for any.

web design
Source: Google

Web Designing

Digital marketing is a new trend every business out there is getting acquainted with – the internet is where most people send the quality of their time, hence businesses have to change marketing strategies to accommodate this change. A website is the core of a credible online presence, hence there is a huge demand for websites today and as such rank high in the lists of online businesses in Nigeria.

I conveniently earn six figures monthly through web design in Nigeria.

Gone are the days when designing a website require codes and strong programming. Today with a click of a button and a drag and drop feature, you can create a website and make it live within 5 minutes.


  • A good laptop or desktop with a good internet connection
  • Mastering WordPress or any other Content Management Software out there

How to start

You can start the business of web designing business in Nigeria by taking my Website Design Mastery Course – an intense coaching session where I teach how to design any type of website without writing any piece of code.

Website design mastery course

Digital Marketing and SEO

Search engine optimization is a new challenge for website owners, and content creators. This challenge would require you to find keywords that you can be used in content search engines like Google to increase the search ranking of a website. Many companies today hire SEO Expert for their website.

This is indeed one of the latest online money-making opportunities. in Nigeria and the world over.

Digital marketing generally is becoming a new trend and fast gaining acceptance in Nigeria, you may want to get trained and start using this skill from the comfort of your home to make money online.


  • There should be a desktop or laptop with a good internet connection.
  • Take a digital marketing course.
  • Include appropriate SEO techniques to enhance your work.
  • Start a blog or website and get results before rendering the services. I learned digital marketing and SEO primarily through my blog, I never got to pay anyone.

How to start


There are lots of online businesses in Nigeria today, some not worth the time and investments, while others are seriously on autopilot. You just need to play around lucrative businesses in Nigeria and start earning money from home. A lot of people have done this, you too can. I comfortably earn a decent income working from my home office doing online businesses in Nigeria.

What are you waiting for?

Join any of the lucrative online businesses in Nigeria and start earning.

If you have any business you have done online that has earned you pretty well, why not include that in the comment section below, I’ll also love to learn.

All the best.