How To Earn Money From Instagram in 2021

Last updated on August 8th, 2021 at 09:00 am

Anyone who doesn’t know Instagram today must be living far from reality, maybe somewhere between the 18th & 19th centuries.

Instagram is definitely on almost everyone’s phone today. 

People have different reasons why they have the app as the most active app on their device. To some, they keep in touch with friends and family, to another it keeps them entertained, to yet another they keep in touch with their favourite celebs.

But do you know that you can earn money using Instagram? In today’s article, we will talk about ‘How to earn money from Instagram.

Instagram is becoming the most used social media platform day by day. People now spend more time on Instagram than Facebook and Whatsapp. This is the reason why we now see even big companies also use Instagram for Digital Promotions and earn profits. 

Anyone can also earn from Instagram. In this article, we are going to talk about how to earn money from Instagram. So let’s start.

What is Instagram? 

Well, we all know about Instagram. But let me give you basic information related to Instagram. Instagram is a Social Media Platform that was started as an online photo-sharing platform and today it has become a Proper Social Media Platform.

Instagram was launched in October 2010. The app was created in the US by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger. Initially, Instagram was launched only for iOS (Apple). Gradually the app became a success and in April 2012 made it available for Android users as well. Facebook bought this app in April 2012. Today, Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms that 1 billion people use.

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Is it really possible to earn money from Instagram?

Today, we see lots of fraudulent activities in the name of earning money from the Internet. Sequel to this, it has been said in the mind of the people that earning money from the Internet is just Fraud.

But this is not the case, you can earn a lot of money from the Internet in a legal way. Instagram can be a great option for this. Those who think that there is a lie about earning money from Instagram, then be informed about the possibility. Easy money is made from Instagram.

Many Social Media Influencers earn millions every month from Instagram. This is the reason why they are so active on Instagram and uploads photos and videos every day. To earn money from Instagram you will need a good following. The more followers you have, the more money you will earn.

It is not 100% compulsory that you have to have a huge count of followers on your profile to earn money from Instagram.

You can make a page that affects people like Meme Page, Fanpage or any kind of people and you can increase your followers by sharing interesting content on it. Your earning also depends on whether your followers are active or not. The more active the person whose followers are, the more they earn. There are many ways to make money from Instagram, but let’s discuss a few.

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How to earn money from Instagram? 

As we told you that to earn money from Instagram, it is important to have good followers on your Instagram account. If you have good followers on Instagram, then you can earn money in many ways.

1. Publish Sponsored Post:

If you have a little understanding of marketing then you must have heard about Influencer Marketing. Influencer marketing is a type of marketing in which products are promoted by Influencers. This increases the sales of the product. This is the reason that Influencer Marketing is the most done today.

Many Instagram Influencers are earning millions from Influencer Marketing. If you have good followers on Instagram, you can also sponsor Post. You can make money from companies to promote them. You get money based on your follower count.

2. Brand Ambassador:

Many companies like to stay in long-term contracts with Influencers. This saves companies time and money and Influencers get a large amount at one go. You must have heard many times that brand endorsement is also the main way for celebrities to earn money. In this, celebrities promote the company for a long time, that is, they are the brand ambassador of that company.

If you too have good followers on Instagram and people trust you, then you can become a brand ambassador of a company. In this, you have to make positive promotions of the company’s products on a regular basis for a long time.

Instagram is considered the best platform for brand endorsement with Influencers today.

3. Affiliate Marketing :

Whenever it comes to the best ways to earn money from the Internet, Affiliate Marketing definitely comes to mind.

What really is affiliate marketing?

A lot of companies like Amazon, Flipkart, Jumia etc. pay commissions for people to sell their products.

You have to look for affiliate programs around your Instagram niche and then promote those products.

The more people buy the product from your links, the more money you will get. That is, if you are getting one thousand commissions on selling a phone and you sell 50 phones, then you will earn 50 thousand.

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4. Skit making:

Making skits on Instagram has become the new big thing, at least in Nigeria where I live.

While skit making does not bring the cash directly when starting out, it can be the juice you need to grow your followership and keep them active on Instagram.

Anyone who has a large following and an active following will always attract sponsors and good business deals generally.

This means that brands will reach out to you for you to make a skit to promote their product/service, some brands will make you an ambassador outrightly, there is nothing that cannot be done to monetize your content.

5. Sell Instagram Account:

This is a better way to earn money from Instagram. But this is mainly for those people who can gain good followers in an organic way by creating accounts of type Fanpage or Memepage on Instagram. You probably won’t guess that you can earn up to millions by selling Instagram accounts.

I am telling you this method because I know someone who has tried it. He created an Instagram account linked to Memes and shared 2 to 3 Memes daily on it. In 3 months, it had 50,000 active followers. I sold that page for hundreds of thousands of Naira. Many people may find this less, but it does not take much hard work. If you put good content on your Instagram account, then your followers will grow rapidly.


I have seen some brand influencers go the extra mile of promoting their own products and services. Products like fashion and make-up lines to services like event compere.

Because they have been able to create good content that has cumulated into the massive following of raving fans, these fans will love the idea of inviting their celebrity to sing in their weddings, buy from their boutique, etc.