Host Unlimited – The Truth About Unlimited Hosting


You wanna host unlimited?

I know everyone likes it unlimited!
I also do!

You may be planning to have a personal website or you have a website for your business and you have a small budget or you just want the best features out there. Everyone wants the best at the cheapest.

Why would I spend a dime on something limiting?
I always want the best for my money, everyone does!
After so many years of running my own freelance web design agency, I always advise my clients to host unlimited than other plans.

So if you are here because you are considering hosting unlimited, you are thinking right and also in the right place.

But the question here is this: Is there really something called unlimited hosting?

In this post, we will be looking at unlimited hosting from two perspectives – the approach of a user and also a hosting provider. This really is the best way to understand everything about unlimited hosting and how you can host unlimited.

What is Unlimited Hosting? How does “unlimited” bandwidth and storage work? Web Hosting Providers You want to get acquainted with. And also, should you go with unlimited hosting plans?

Disclosure: We would get a referral fee from hosting companies listed on this site if you buy through our link. Opinions here are strictly ours and are based strictly on experience and actual server data.

What is Unlimited Web Hosting?

“Unlimited Hosting” refers to the web hosting offer, which adds unlimited disk storage, data transfer (bandwidth) as well as potential domain name capability.

In essence, this means that these unlimited hosting providers actually provide you with the freedom to host many websites in the form of an affordable price (averagely below $10/mo).

Is Unlimited disk storage and bandwidth possible?

“Wow! Seriously?!” Could you please scream if this is the first time you’ve heard about unlimited hosting.

In this world, almost everything is limited especially when it comes to hardware services. It is impossible to spend as low as $5/Mo in order to host unlimited or have access to unlimited storage, CPU power, and RAM.

It is also impossible to provide unlimited bandwidth when a limited number of the cable is available to transmit data across the world, and it is also impossible to hire unlimited manpower resources to maintain the server and the network. This is common sense, right?

Always remember these the next time anyone or hosting providers tell you to host unlimited.

There is nothing called unlimited hosting, it is simply what I call an imaginary industrial term, generously sprinkled with caves (also known as the exception).


Well, it looks great for the first time – yeah! I have hosted all my websites on ipage with the so-called unlimited host and I have never really had issues using it, but is it really worth it to scrap your old, “trustworthy” hosting service and jump on the board with unlimited hosting?

Let’s take a closer look.

As a smart consumer, you should understand that hosting companies are in their own world, especially in vocabulary. For the average common man, ‘unlimited’ means absolutely – without boundaries. However, when it comes to unlimited hosting plans then it is not quite true.

All of these web hosting companies have hosting plans.

If I can make $1 for every email I get a “NO”, then I would have gone through the uphill of getting the email addresses of every user of an unlimited plans and I’ll ask if they can actually store their 1TB or 2TB archive of films on an unlimited hosting plan, I’m certain I would be a millionaire after the email.

Common! Let’s face reality people, it’s a myth for you to have that host unlimited.

Hosting companies also want a fair piece of your cake

First and foremost, never forget that web hosting companies – even the very bests are in business to make money. The difference is just that some can do it more honestly than others, but after all, they have something as their over-all interest – your money.

Here are few of the unlimited (data transfer) web hosts:

[table id=1 /]

Less affordable hosting costs less than $10/mo!

look at the table!

Do you think this web host will provide you with unlimited computer resources for a pack of candy (even if it was possible)? they won’t!

Truth: There are always limitations in life

Consider reading an advertisement for a new all-eat-food buffet space and proceed to try it out. Once you arrive there, there is a note that you must weigh less than 70kg (154lbs) before entering.

This picture best explain this.

It also applies to unlimited hosting plans – you are welcome to host unlimited websites and take unlimited hosting storage and bandwidth until the X or Y is in place.

The problem is that these situations are rarely reported in the marketing area of the web hosting site. All you see on their website is that you are gonn’ host unlimited – getting an unlimited plan.

Well, it is true, but not entirely.

In small print, usually under service conditions (TOS) is where the limitations always hide, there is a possibility of having one million and one limit and home rule.

Restriction on Unlimited Hosting Services
for example:


the iPage unlimited hosting processor is subject to time and memory limit to prevent “negative impact on other users”


Hosting Unlimited Unlimited is subject to a limit of 250,000 inodes and 1,000 tables or 1GB of database per database



BlueHost Unlimited Hosting Location is subject to a limit of 200,000 inodes and many database rules


Believe me, every unlimited hosting provider will have rules and server boundaries to control their users. These limitations can be in the case of CPU queries, RAM, inodes, MySQL databases, number of MySQL database connections, or even FTP uploads – the list is continuing.

One of my clients had this same issue with iPage at a time, and iPage replied with a message on limitations on the call queries per hour of a hosting account, trust me, I never knew myself until then.

As soon as your websites hit the red area; The hosting company will pull the plug on your account, or you will be charged extra (and they will charge!).

This is how “Unlimited Hosting” work¬†folks.

Do you still want to host unlimited?

The bright side of unlimited web hosting

“It does not look right! I thought I was signing up on unlimited hosting, I just want to host unlimited, these people are just plain old dishonest and I’m leaving my host!”

Then, do not jump over the conclusion soon. Before going crazy and screaming scammers, there is a logical explanation behind these unlimited hosting offers.

We now know the reason why hosting providers are not capable of offering unlimited hosting plans, it is simple.


Without control, these web hosting companies might just have broken servers.

Personally, I like the idea of their “host unlimited” than being limited starting out, due the process you just might benefit more. Again, I expect you to do your homework well before jumping on a deal.

Hosting unlimited gets more clearer as we continue.

Can you really host unlimited?

If you have gone through the TOS of a site that promises the moon and stars for the rock-down price of XYX / mo and you think that in the end you can put one on the web hosting provider, think again. Be aware of overselling.

What is overselling?

Overselling occurs when a hosting company sells more than the actual ability to provide. Big hosting companies usually do not understand the hosting capability (bandwidth pipe, computer server, manpower etc …), which can never be more than a website.

Also, most websites only require fewer resources to run daily such as daily corporate websites. Considering that most of the resources in their servers remain unused, hosting companies (which provide unlimited hosting) have the potential to resell those unused hosting capabilities (aka overlapping).

You can argue that unlimited hosting plans are unethical, but this does not indicate that the hosting company is bad. Take the HostGator for example, to launch host unlimited features, the company spent more than a year (including recruiting new employees and assisting in hardware). Although they are now offering unlimited hosting services, their servers remain reliable and efficient; And customer support quality is never lacking.

Read what Brent Oxley, the HostGator founder, said about hosting unlimited:

I wanted to call unlimited plans for the last time. However, due to the constraints of the workforce, we are not able to continue the expected development. After one year, we are overstaffed at the end and are ready to change the plan. So far, I am slowing down on sales for the purpose of our support to catch. If history repeats itself, then “Unlimited” will unlimitedly change the name of the scheme unlimited to our limit by at least 30% to at least 30%. ”

“Last year, we are spending more money on the recruitment of our staff on advertising! This has taken years of recruitment and training to bring us to that point where we are now, to ask who wants to go home, There is a scheduling difference from time to time in the hostgator for asking, but for now, we have more than a dozen employees, one day home Are sending.

– Brent Oxley, former-hostgator founder and CEO

Should You Go With Unlimited Hosting Providers?

The truth is that many factors depend on the quality of a hosting deal.

One of the last things to compare nowadays is original hosting features such as data transfers, disk storage, etc. Technology has developed so much that most of these factors are now dirty cheap and almost every shared hosting company is giving this unlimited crap to users these days.

Talking about host how you can host unlimited, for example, how do we compare web hostinghub’s unlimited hosting plan with BlueHost unlimited hosting plan?

We get the same thing in both deals: unlimited bandwidth, unlimited storage, unlimited databases, unlimited domains, etc. So how do we decide between the two?

Nowadays it is very difficult to separate the good web hosting provider from the outside components. That makes host unilimted a little tough.


Again, I must confess that no hosting company is entirely good and most likely entirely bad. They all have packages that suit a particular need, this I have experienced in my few years of running a web design agency.

It’s almost unlikely you would have problems using the majority of their packages if you are hosting a new website with new and few contents and also with little or no traffic.

My advice if you want to host unlimited is usually to find an unlimited hosting account with the best features (uptime especially) at the cheapest. That is why I stick with iPage till today.


InMotion Hosting uptime record (Feb/Mar 2017)

iPage uptime record (Jan 2014)

BlueHost uptime record (Aug 2014)

A2 Hosting uptime record (Jun 2017)


I am not greedy enough to expect the unlimited plan host my website when it begins to have heavy thousands on daily page views just because it was called “host unlimited” – I know it’s time to move to a vps hosting.

So, I’m sure by now you know the idea behind unlimited hosting, right?

A quick summary of what you have read now:

  • Host unlimited – Unlimited hosting is impossible; Everything is limited in our world.
  • Unlimited is just a marketing term that is used by hosting companies to win customers.
  • Overvaluing is how they can offer such plans at rock bottom prices.
  • Unlimited hosting features, such as disk storage and bandwidth, often do not really determine the value of a hosting deal, next time you think of host unlimited, know this.
  • Make sure you see details such as site uptime, sales service, software support etc.
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