Becoming Google Adwords Certified, Is It Worth It?

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I recently joined Google Partners in Nigeria (Adwords certified) by passing my Fundamentals Exam which is a prerequisite, Search Advanced, and Finally Analytics exams – which to me is amazing. After the excitement and when all the buzz was down, then I thought was it was really worth the stress?  What I realized after writing the Google Adwords exams and passing is that nothing has changed. Having the certification will never make one a better digital marketing expert.

Google AdWords certification is definitely a cool plus if you want to brand yourself as a PPC expert in Nigeria. Google is a brand everybody will want to identify with, (But do not get things mixed up that passing this exam alone make you an expert). You can learn more about how to become a self made digital marketing expert in 2018.

Digital marketing is fast growing in Nigeria, the change in the consumer behaviour has left most business owners and especially marketers no choice than to learn how to place their products/services before the eyeballs of their target market. If you want to also learn how I became a digital marketing expert, which to me is the easiest and also best and cheapest, then you can check the link above.

Anyone intelligent and smart, with quite a bit of Google Adwords experience, would pass the exams, but I must confess I failed my Fundamental exams upon my first try, I scored 60%. I just wish people can be less crazy about the certification, certificates are secondary in digital marketing, what is primary is the digital marketing experience. Catch my thoughts using this link: how to become a self made digital marketing expert in 2018..

You really want to become a Google Adwords Certified Professional? That’s cool! I can share a thing or two with you that can help ease up things.

The truth is that my Google Adwords certificates alone have increased my credibility, hence landing me more jobs. I will advise anyone with basic digital marketing experience to try out the exams especially in Nigeria.


Because you have nothing to lose.

Initially, writing this exam cost $50 to try and the process of the certificate issue was different. Now it is free to take the exams. If you take an exam and fail, you have to wait for another seven days before you would be able to re-write the exam again…

Upon passing the exams I was certified Immediately, Google allows you to show it to the world. There is a printable version of the certificate which you can access from the Google Partners members area. Here’s mine:

adwordsadwords - analytics

Recently some changes were made to the Google Adwords certification process, the Google partner platform has been updated to Academy of Ads, this change is what every digital marketer in Nigeria also have to adjust to. You would require to log in on this platform and then take necessary exams. This is what my certificate looks like now in the Academy of Ads.

adwords fundamentalgoogle analytics individual qualification

Google AdWords Certification Exams: 

As of July 2018, Google has 13 Certification Exams. Out of which you have to write the Fundamentals and One optional Exam to be certified, writing additional exams as I did with analytics is a boost to your certification.

Google also provides a link which you can share online – I guess that is for more credibility so that anyone can verify it online if they wish. This link will show your profile with the certifications. You can check mine here. This link will be accessible for you from your Google Partners login under the My Profile page. Be sure to turn the visibility into “public” so that others can see it.

Difficulty Level of Exams 

As a certified professional, I can say the exams are easy to pass if we have in-depth knowledge of practicals and also theoretical knowledge as provided in the Google Exam Guides. Basically, the questions can be categorized as

  1. Basic Definitions
  2. Adwords terminology
  3. Question related to interface
  4. Scenario-based questions
  5. Best practices questions

Please do not attempt to cram anything, most of the questions are applied and practical, study to understand the concepts. Well, If you need a professional guide, you can hire me by leaving me a note here – I can guarantee you’ll pass without hitch.

ps: You don’t need to affiliate with any company or any brand to take the exams, you can take the exams as an individual, as you can see my name on mine.

For the purposes of keeping it simple, It is strongly recommended that you use the same Google account that you have for your Google+ profile/account.

The overview of the study guide for AdWords Certification is available here at Google Support Page. If you read through it patiently and have a decent memory power, you will be able to pass the exam easily.

Cheers to your pursuit of becoming a Google Adwords certified expert!

In case of any questions, let me know by dropping them in the comment section below.

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