7 Amazing Benefits Of Creating Passive Income

passive income in nigeria

Have you been shying away from passive income or you are wondering if creating passive income in Nigeria is worth all the stress? Then you should read this.

You may be someone like me who doesn’t fancy the buzz from the alarm every morning, what that alarm communicates to me is the start of another tedious and frustrating day at work. I hate it most when it’s a Monday morning, gosh! I just can’t have enough weekend.

The good news is that all of that is now in the past because I took up the courage to quit my job and started creating passive income in Nigeria.

Maybe you have also heard about money making strategies, especially online before, but you always dismissed them as scams, or you conclude it’s for people who have a marketing web creation background or you believe creating passive income in Nigeria is impossible.

Beyond scams, another factor here is that no one wants to be a freelancer, most people prefer to be an Investment Banker, Doctor, Lawyer, and the rests. Most people look down on me when I tell them I’m an online entrepreneur, all I do is create active and passive income in Nigeria using the internet.?

In reality, absolutely anyone can build a passive income business online especially in Nigeria, if given the right knowledge triggered with determination. Walking people through this milestone is my next major project with this blog.

Working 50 or 60 hours a week for a company that can fire you anytime is an absurdity, you should start thinking and also realized that you too can be a successful online entrepreneur earning passive income in Nigeria using the internet.

When it comes to making money, no matter what business you’re in, passive income is a great thing. It just simply means you earn even when you’re not working. Maybe you are thinking about why I keep emphasizing on passive income online, you wonder why not offline?

The reason is this: regardless of your business, the best way to create passive income in Nigeria for that business is online. The internet is a proving ground for opportunities, business opportunities keep sprouting daily through the internet.

If your business does not have an online presence, I give it a few more years it will become obsolete. Every major brand now is hiring the best digital marketers.

Benefits of creating Passive Income in Nigeria

Just in case you are one of those who need motivation, you are still not sure if this is for you. Consider some of these benefits that come with creating passive income in Nigeria using the internet.

Sleeping And Making Money

This is the most obvious benefit – unfortunately, this is just a mere fantasy to many. People think and desire this but it is far out of reach.

To some they believe someday when they retire they will know what it means to have this feeling – so they keep at work to provide for their retirement. What is hidden from these folks is that several individuals are living this life daily.


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I spend most of my Monday morning on my bed in a chilled room and if I have to go out on Mondays then it should be to have a meeting and hang out with a friend at a bar. Many times I even get tired of sleeping that I envisage starting another project soon. This benefit stands out for me – I can’t trade it for gold.

Freedom To Do Anything

There is a sense of peace and joy that comes from working wherever you are – no scheduled place of business that you must work 8-5.

Creating passive income in Nigeria online makes you work anywhere and also above all anytime. I choose whenever I want to work and whenever is convenient for me.

There are times I have worked not less than 20 hours in a day for 7 days nonstop and there are times I choose to do nothing in a week, I just roll on my bed. This makes me very adventurous – I just wake up and the thought to give my fiancée a surprise visit sprouts.

Surprising her with my visit makes me feel like a superman. Well, I do not think I am a superman. This is why the best passive income model in Nigeria you can have is online. An offline model will still require you to be confined to a location.

It Offers Added Financial Protection

Have you heard this saying: do not put all your eggs in one basket?
Passive income settles this. Online investments allow you to have several business models that work.

For some people, they may not need to leave their regular jobs, they just need to create more passive income to build more financial muscle. For example, you have a blog that you earn through paid adverts, if you suddenly lose the deal, you can still earn on the blog through your affiliate links. Just so many opportunities online waiting to be harnessed.

Unlimited Income Opportunities

One of the limitations of a regular job is that there is a limitation to how much you earn regardless of how hard you work.

No matter how many times you get pay-raise there is always a limit. Most organizations have policies as to a time-frame to qualify for another pay-raise. With online businesses, including internet marketing, and even MLM options, there are no such limits.

If you want to work 10 hours a day it is your choice, if you also desire a 7 figure monthly or weekly earnings, nothing is stopping you. You remove the limits by working hard, getting knowledge, harnessing every opportunity and having a passive solution to your income.

You can create as much wealth as you want and you can do so with proven models and techniques that many others are working on right now.

Creating passive income online in Nigeria is such a big deal.

The Internet Revolution Advantage

The world is becoming a global village through the introduction of the Internet. It still amazes me how I communicate and reach every part of the world daily. Communication is now cheap, did I say cheap? I should say free.

Through the internet, I’m able to work with a company to produce a product for me In China and I’m also able to sell these products in America, Japan, Canada among other countries – Just through the internet, I have not been to any of those countries before and I don’t have any intention anytime soon. If I will have to be there, it should be for leisure and not a business.

Also, the introduction of social media has revolutionized the business environment, people who can’t use these platforms to make money are missing out. I know folks who make millions through the use of their free social media account.

Everyone can now connect with their businesses whenever and wherever they are through smart-phones, tablets, laptops and every other device. It just doesn’t get better than this.

Offers Fulfillment Through Personal Expression

The fulfilment my online business models have given me is so overwhelming – words will fail me to explain adequately. However, I’ll try.

I have always loved and wanted to host a radio and TV show someday. You will agree with me; that is expensive. Since I couldn’t afford that, I started my online radio and TV for FREE. I’m not even going on local radio or TV again because this generation is shifting online.

I cannot remember the last time I watched a TV program, but I can spend the whole day on YouTube and my Iroko TV app.
I have a podcast listed on iTunes, Soundcloud, Stitcher Radio, Google Play Music and also on my podcast section on my blog. I have a YouTube Channel that allows me to host my videos. I love to write likewise and you’re reading one of my articles.

When I get feedback from my expressions; there is this fulfilment I get that money cannot buy. Above all, these platforms pay me. What else does getting paid doing what you love means? I’m taking my fulfilment level higher by teaching people every of my business model.

The Liberty To Express Creativity and Innovation

This is one benefit that stood out for me and that is why I’m bringing it out last. I still remember during my paid job, I would often go to my boss and give an idea. I’d suggest we do many things some other way, sometimes my boss would consider this and give me the go-ahead to do it my way, but many times it was a dead-end because some decisions have to be a management decision and not a one-man, sometimes my boss never saw the reality.

One that will remain with me forever was the suggestion to ignore traditional marketing to digital marketing.

It was a war, how can we spend such an amount of money on Facebook just for a campaign? To so many people, Facebook is just a social media to post pictures and keep in touch with friends and family. To yet so many of us again, Facebook is strictly a business centre.

Now digital marketing alone as at when I’m writing this generate 80% of all my income. Digital marketers are sort after, every business that wants to stay in the competition for a long time will not rule out an online presence for their brands.


I won’t be surprised if after reading this piece, many will not take any action. Many will have legitimate reasons never to consider starting something. I believe the ability to jump at opportunities and high speed of implementation is the difference between the successful and others.

Some will say they do not have any knowledge about how to make money online. Well, I never did too when I started, I read Business Administration in the University, if I can learn it, you too can.
If your question is how do I start? Then you are on track.

Start here by taking my FREE blog mastery course so that you can start earning online, click here now

Start the journey to creating the fulfilment you crave for today.

Do not hesitate to ask me any question using the comment section below, the truth is creating passive income in Nigeria is possible and many of us are, you too can.

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