10 Common Mistakes to Avoid on Your Blog

When starting the blogging journey, it is possible to neglect or forget certain things which are nevertheless very important for the growth of your blog.

We all know that blogging especially when starting out can be overwhelming. So I thought to bring to your attention a list of 10 small errors that I see quite often but which are very easily corrected.

If you are ready, then let’s go straight into these errors.

Not using a search bar

I’m quite starting my point on something quite preferential because my blog right now does not have a search bar. On a blog or even on a website, a search bar is essential! It’s the best way for your reader to quickly and easily find what they’re looking for. In addition, this allows your old articles not to be forgotten and can be found if necessary. It is placed either at the top of the blog or in the sidebar.

If you write good content and frequently, then this will help.

Not everyone likes to use this, I’m included. I stopped using it when I stopped using sidebars, I might consider returning back to it soon.

However, we cannot deny the importance of having it.

Overloading your blog design

Many times, when we want to personalize our blog and make it truly reflect our image, but we do too much. Be sure to add your personal touch but in a subtle and pretty way. Choose a maximum of 3 colours and 3 fonts, although I would advise you to start with 2. A nice design is a simple and clean design.

Personally, I use one front and I love to keep my blog very simple. I have seen bloggers worry seriously about having a perfect blog, it is just a distraction.

When you worry about the look of your blog than the content, then there is a serious problem.

Not linking to your social handles

Your social media handles should be a good place to allow your readers to be informed about new articles, Linking to your handles from your blog would also give your readers a chance to know you more or follow you socially, this would help them to know you better. 

For so many, social media is just a place to direct traffic to the blog, but it’s a 2-way street.

Copying and pasting other people’s content

First, I advise you to create your content by 100%.

But it is not forbidden (you will need to request permission) to use images and passages of content as long as you cite the source. Not to do so is to plagiarize and it is a lack of honesty towards your readers. This can also get you into serious legal issues.

If you cannot write content then why blogging?

Google hates duplicate content, if you want to have a blog that can rank in search engines, then write it for yourself.

Ignoring linking

Whether they are internal links i.e. to your old articles or to another site, it is very important to highlight them. If your links merge with your text, your readers may not know that you are linking to other content. I also advise you to always open the links in a new tab. This allows your reader not to lose the page he was on and above all to stay on your blog.

Linking to authority sites communicates to Google that your content might be valuable. Linking to other articles you have on your blog will help Google crawl your website faster and also share link juice.

Your readers will be able to read your old articles too.

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Not creating a menu for your categories

The menu is a bit like the search bar, it allows you to navigate and understand the organization of your blog. If you have created categories for your blog posts, ensure you create a menu for them where people can easily find those articles and consume them, rather than flipping through pages searching for relevant articles.

This is very important and will go a long way for a good user experience on your blog.

Writing what you like and think your readers will like too

This mistake makes me laugh a lot, but I find it quite annoying as well. You should not “impose” yourself too much on your readers because this can make them leave your blog very quickly, that is even if they find it. When you are starting your blogging journey, you should forget yourself and focus on your readers.

Write for them!

Research on them, where do they hang out? What are their challenges? What tickles their fancy? So when they are searching for those things they find you.

Simply put, do keyword research, and focus on helping your readers get better.

Not customizing your theme

What could be more annoying than someone else using the same theme as you? At the same time, those available on the Internet are offered and open to everyone. When you install a theme, the ideal thing is to be to customize it to a point that it is hardly recognizable. 

I have visited several blogs and they use the exact same theme as is. It is just awkward to have a blog and someone else have the same blog theme, exactly the same thing.

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Not responding to comments

If you are lucky enough to have readers who take the time to leave you a little trace of their passage or a question, the least you can do is answer them. In addition to building an interactive and lively blog, it shows that you are accessible and present.

Once they know that you will read and also respond to their comments, they will also keep commenting.

Unfortunately, as your blog keeps growing it might be difficult to respond to all your blog comments. Try everything you can to respond to as many as you can. If you can afford to hire someone do that for you, then go ahead.

Neglecting SEO

To put it simply, SEO is your place in Google. To have more and more visits, it is super important to put the odds in your favour. To do this, try to put keywords in your title, customize the URL and add descriptions to your images. 

There is something called on-page and off-page SEO. Optimizing your articles for search engines is on-page because it is internal and it is the foundation that must be solid for any off-page SEO, which is external, involving building backlinks, social signals, etc. Not also neglecting that there are some common SEO mistakes you must avoid/

There you go, I hope you enjoyed this article and that you don’t already make some of these little mistakes! If you have, fix them ASAP.

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