20 Best Blogging Tips For Beginners in 2021

Last updated on August 9th, 2021 at 12:21 am

Blogging can be a major uphill, especially when starting. So, I’m not surprised you are here in search of blogging tips for beginners.

For myself and almost all experts, we had to do so many things all by ourselves, from keyword research, to writing, to editing the content, marketing the content, making sure our blog look professional, etc.

Gosh! that’s a lot to deal with.

If you’re a new blogger and struggling, I can understand. If you’re thinking of becoming a blogger, then I can help you with some blogging tips that should be of help.

Isn’t it frustrating?

I mean having a lot of resources at your disposal, but you have no idea which one to use and when to. This leads to instability and frustration.

In this article, I have compiled some tips that will make your job easier and make it easier for inexperienced bloggers. Here are my 20 blogging tips for beginners:


There are other platforms on which you can host and blog, but if you are want to stay in the blogging business for a while, then your only real choice is a self-hosted version of WordPress. Your domain and style will belong to you; this is something that will add immense value to your blog as you continue blogging. I laugh at bloggers launching a free WordPress or Blogger platform – what I call building a house on another man’s land,

Learning how to start a blog the right way is the secret to success.


I have never supported bloggers using a free theme, many times they look crappy and above all make you look less a professional. There are a lot of good premium themes that are way less cheap and easy to use. You can get premium themes for free – check for Astra or Neve theme


Yoast SEO (Without a doubt the best in the field), Gravity Forms and WP SuperCache (will speed up your site), Shareaholic plugin for social shares. You will surely thank me after installing these plugins. Search here to download these plugins.


Don’t play with your theme too much. You cannot take advantage of every feature of your theme, you cannot also take advantage of every feature on WordPress. Invest that energy into other things. Find the most comfortable version of yourself and stay focused on your blog.

As a blogging coach and a CEO of a web design agency, I have met new bloggers who constantly worry about having a perfect blog and amazing features than having good contents on their blogs. Most blogs pulling hundreds of thousands of daily views do not have the best design and all the new features. Why? It’s a distraction. Bloggers should focus on quality content and good user experience.


Find a niche you want to write about and focus squarely, you will be tempted not to, but make sure you don’t fall for this prey. For example, instead of just writing a general article on health and fitness tips, rather niche down to focus on maybe tips to losing belly fats. Attract specific people with a specific problem to your blog.

When you have already conquered a niche, then you can extend into other territories. Writing a general topic is easy but don’t stay in the easy lane – you would spend more time there. I spent some years on my first blog writing generally, when I learnt this I add to start a new one. I’m on track now but I wasted some years.


If you can’t find a topic to write, the thing you need to do is to write down the main objective of your blog. By identifying the main objective, you can link the articles you’ll write to that main objective, and you’ll see how easy it is to get content ideas.

For example, I have a blog teaching digital marketing and my objective is to make sure my readers are all digital marketers, now I already know I will teach them how to blog, run social media ads, email marketing, etc. Just teaching blogging alone, there are a million and one things to write on.


For example, give yourself not more than 30 minutes to write new content. Or try to start each sentence with “how to”. Or try to write a minimum of 2000 words for each of your content. Give yourself such limits. At first, this may be a bit difficult, but eventually, it will stretch you beyond your limits. This will help you gain mastery and make it easy for you to write or do things in a manner you want or adhering to some basic guidelines. Also, this will help you to create your language.

I have visited blogs where I want to guest post and their requirement is an article not less than 2000 words if I have not set standards like these for myself, then doing this may look impossible.


We all burnout – when we can’t find anything to write. As soon as you are out of date, you are exhausted, you should stop, take a break and do something interesting. Take a vacation, travel, play golf, do something new and can create back the spark. This will help get your inspiration back with a few unique and interesting ideas. Besides, interesting things are of interest to everyone. Your new content might just earn you a few links.


Think about this from the beginning. ” I want to make one million dollars” is not a good reason to start a blog, as good as it is, it would only take you down the lane of agitation and depression. The truth is you might never make millions or it may take several years to get there. However, if your goal is to be better when writing, to use your knowledge or skill to affect people positively, to solve a particular problem, you are likely to keep writing even when the chips are down, and you’re likely to catch up on success somewhere. More likely to make millions.

If you do not set the right priorities, you will end up frustrating yourself and might just join the 97% of blogs that never make it. Yes! Just a few 3% of blogs out there make it big.

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If you are travelling from one city to another in your car, then stopping by regularly at the fueling station will become inevitable. It is the same with blogging for beginners, you will have to keep reading and learning so that you have something new and interesting to offer.

The moment you get exhausted, readers would know from your content and they know it’s time to seek better pastures. So make sure you read and be sure to learn new things every day.


When starting, you may need to spend less time hanging out on social media, also watching TV and you may also need to turn off your WiFi until you publish your content if necessary – that’s discipline. Writing is the most important thing in your life right now and does it right.

Blogging for beginners comes with a lot of difficult times, moments where you have worked hard with little or no results and this is when most bloggers give up. That is when you need to keep your focus. We all know those things that distract, get rid of yours.


Create a list of content, describe a brief incident that you’ve been through, or teach something your readers haven’t heard entirely. Many times bloggers do not know what will attract reader’s attention and other influencers in your niche. All you have to do is keep trying and experimenting and you would have learned over time. The primary assignment of any blogger is to catch the attention of people on the web. You can learn by trying it. This concept works well for all aspect of blogging.

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Some new bloggers worry about their writing prowess and fear they might never make it, but how best can you learn to be a better writer if you don’t write? Always learn by trying.


Be helpful, in the blogosphere it is a valuable concept. Many new bloggers like yourself have needs and you have the opportunity to meet the big boys in the game that can be of immense help.  If you hit a dead-end in the future you would have no one to seek help from if you do not connect with others.

You will also need to help pro bloggers at some point because that is the easiest way to catch their attention – get mentoring from them or a backlink. I know it sucks to help people up there when in reality you are the one who needs help, but for you to help yourself you have to help others. How can you help them? Write for their blogs, help them find broken links on their blogs, design infographics, buy their books or courses, etc. You can build nice relationships and use it for the benefit of your blog.


Investigate the successful blueprints of people you learn from as mentors and how they got to where they are. Find out what they did. Read their memories, experiences, take their courses (if any), and follow the steps they took on their journey. Remember, they started like you, and this is the biggest advise any new blogger can get. Don’t dabble! Fast-track your success by learning from other people’s mistake and success and following a model that is trusted to have worked.

This is a pro blogging tips for beginners. Bloggers take note!


Get a resource on how to get started with blogging and how to proceed. Take lessons from others’ mistakes and move carefully to avoid making the same mistakes. With such a guide, you can learn from these painful experiences and mistakes, you don’t necessarily need to make the same mistakes, and you can survive with minimal damage.


This should not be your goal in blogging. It would be a better choice for you to target millions of visitors instead of expecting to earn millions of dollars. Remember, when you achieve success, you would have already created opportunities and you will start to make money.

It is fair to make money blogging because bloggers put in a lot of work on their blog. It would just be awesome to set realistic targets. Make your first hundred dollars, then one thousand dollars, ten thousand, hundred thousand till you eventually hit the million target. That is how to earn with a blog. I wish I can put behind bars those blogging coach that flaunt riches before new bloggers as a hook. Do not frustrate yourself.


They say content is king, so true! You must also know consistency is Queen. So far, one of the most accurate things about blogging is staying true to a plan. Most bloggers make this mistake and don’t stick to the plan they set. The duration of their adherence to the plan is between 3 and 6 months. Consistency is the goal and please don’t make this error made by other bloggers. Like I always tell new bloggers, blogging is a marathon and not a sprint.

This to me is my best blogging tip for beginners out there.


SEO simply means search engine optimisation. Through proper SEO, you can get organic traffic from search engines, especially Google, which is the best and long-lasting form of blog traffic. Blogging for beginners can be crazy, SEO may not be on your mind, however, as you continue it is needful to learn SEO skills and tricks. When new updates and algorithms tweak come along, you just might be able to land a spot on the SERP (Search Engine Result Page).


Blogging for beginners can be demanding and it can bring temptations to copy trending posts from others.

Never copy and paste content from another blog, always give your own opinion because that’s what blogging is essentially about. You just have to always be original, that is what will stand you out. Blogs without unique contents hardly rank on the SERP, Google works hard to identify these blogs and punish them. Also, such blogs never get approved for Google Adsense account.

Another important reason never to copy other blog content is that those contents may be copyrighted. For example, this blog is protected by DCMA, it makes it easy to track stolen content and then DCMA shut down such blogs.

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Writing a blog post is a lot of work – gone are the days when short irrelevant articles create a bang on the web or rank high on search engines.

So, invest in quality blog posts.

After writing a blog post, take your time to double or triple check the content to ensure it is free of grammatical errors.  No serious blogger publishes posts that have grammatical errors.

Such errors make blogs look less professional and untrustworthy.

If you spot an error after any post, correct it immediately. If your blog becomes a mess, it will scare visitors away.

One tool that has been of immense help proofreading my content is Grammarly – you can start with the free version.


There are millions of blogs out there, and the chances that you will succeed is solely dependent on your ability to be unique and consistent. Blogging for beginners can be a hard nut to crack, hence seek a mentor in your niche and learn their mistakes – this way you will roll with the big boys in no time.

I hope my blogging tips for beginners have been worth the while.

All the best in your blogging endeavour.