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7 Awesome Things You’re Losing Because You Aren’t Blogging

Last updated on October 18th, 2018 at 10:20 am

Hey there! Before we start, I want to take a guess, not bad huh?

Just because you’re reading this post, you should fall into one of these two categories: You have never started a blog or you may have started one, but the blog didn’t go down well as you expected and over time you have lost the motivation to keep working on it. Did I guess right? I assume I’m right. Grins! Anyway, In either case, this post will motivate you to start blogging again.

Perhaps I should share a secret why I think it never worked if you belong to the category of people who lost the motivation. Blessed are you if you have never started – I’m here to guide you, you stand a chance to do it like a pro. This is the truth about blog and blogging in Nigeria: It is like growing a baby, or a tree. It is not a one day task. You have to focus on it every day, in spite of not seeing results immediately. But once it grows to a certain stage, it takes a life of its own and then it keeps growing, with little or no efforts. Blogging in Nigeria is never a sprint, rather a marathon!

That’s why I advise folks to blog on what they are passionate about – that is what keeps you going at the early stage.

I want to share 7 things that should motivate you to start or start-again your blog today:

Your Writing & Speaking Skills Will Improve

Am I the only one who feels very uncomfortable when I hear of all this fund sucking workshop, summit, or conferences on writing or speaking? I always feel angry! Because most time those programs end up leaving you bankrupt and never telling the truth.

The only way to get better at writing is to write and write more. I remember the days when I used to write and edit an article several times and I still wouldn’t be satisfied with it. Nowadays most of the blog posts I make are mostly first drafts with just a few edits. I can write better and write faster than ever before.

Another amazing discovery I made is that my speaking skills also improved when I got better at writing! Writing and speaking are not much different because both are about having a consistent flow of thoughts that can get converted into words on a screen or audible words in front of an audience.

When you keep writing a lot of content, you learn to organize the thoughts in your mind better and bring it out in a consistent flow. The improvement reflects in speaking. I can talk for hours without preparation in front of an audience if required, that skill has been gained from writing extensively, well not absolutely I must confess. That’s why most published authors are almost always good speakers. They speak naturally and effortlessly even in front of large audiences.

When you become a great author, you become a good speaker. When you become a great speaker, you become a good trainer. When you become a great trainer you become a thought leader in your field.

Isn’t thought leadership something that we all want? So get writing!

You Gain Visibility & Credibility

Robert Kiyosaki doesn’t need to introduce himself to anybody and if at all he has to, it will be very brief and powerful. Why? He is a book author in addition to having many other successful businesses.

Blogging in Nigeria brings democracy in media and now even you have the same power at your disposal if you choose to create visibility for yourself and increase your influence in the world around you.

Also, in Nigeria today where information of every kind is available at our fingertips, if you have to spend your time telling others about your credibility, your success or how to influence them, you are not influential.

People discover almost every piece of information online these days in Nigeria. So if they want more information about you, guess where they are looking. And if you don’t have a blog, chances are, either they aren’t finding anything on you or finding things that may not add to your credibility.

Blogging in Nigeria is the solution to this problem. Blogging creates visibility for you in a way you want to be known. Blogging combined with social media provides you with that opportunity to be visible and credible in the marketplace. Do you see the incredible benefit it can bring to your business or career?

You Organize and Document Your Ideas Better

You learn many things as you go through your professional life. But the problem is that unless you document them somewhere you are going to forget most of the things you learned.

A lot of people have journals where they have written several pages of notes. But we know what happens to those notes. It gets lost and those words never see the light of the day again.

Such notes are not organized and presented well (the motivation to organize it well doesn’t exist because no one else is going to read it). Even you are not going to read again. It gets lost over time or just buried somewhere digitally or physically.

When it comes to blogging in Nigeria especially, it solves both the problems. When you know someone else is going to read it, even if it is a very small audience, you will organize and present your ideas in a better way. And while you take the effort to present it in a better way, you also understand the concepts better and organize it better in your brain!

It is very similar to maintaining a library of books. Imagine each book is a piece of knowledge and the library is your brain. If you have a library of books collected over time, you wouldn’t know the location of each book. However, if you are a librarian, renting out these books to other people who want to read, you would know the location of each book and the book library is mapped in your brain, enabling you to retrieve specific information when you need it.

Most of the bloggers who have had massive success in blogging have confessed that they started their blogs with a collection of notes to themselves and a small audience.

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You Establish Your Brand Identity–Gain Expert Status

I vividly remember almost everybody (especially my ‘good’ friends and ‘family’ members) giving me a tough time as soon as I quit my job to start blogging in Nigeria. It was strange to see people with no business background, folks who didn’t make success in any business giving all kinds of advice as if they knew it all.

Reason? I was just like them. I knew as much as they knew (or less) and I wasn’t any more influential than them. They felt free giving their free opinions in their effort to ‘save’ me from getting into something unworthy of my time (as per them).

However, I began my journey of reading, self-discovery and personal development thanks to some incredible mentorship I received – I’m always proud of my heritage. I started to blog as I began learning and that helped me share what I learned with the world. Soon it started to add to my credibility, my influence. People started asking me to help them do things, asked me to help set up their online businesses – many I knew a little about at the time. I applied this golden business principle; “never say you cannot” I would share more about this in coming posts.

I suddenly found myself involved with digital marketing. I worked hard and learned social media marketing, SEO, internet marketing and I established my brand identity as a personal branding expert and social media strategist. Which was what necessitated this blog.


You Get More Opportunities For Networking

Due to the visibility, you gain through blogging in Nigeria, your circle of influence dramatically expands. Depending on the blogging niche, my blog gave me access to experts in my niche. My blog exposed me to the rich, poor, good, bad, and experts again.

Blogging in Nigeria is not just about publishing. It is more of a conversation – a one-to-many conversation channel. Since blogging happens in real time, the comments you get on your blog is a discussion. You are not writing a column in a newspaper where you don’t get any responses at all.

When you have a good readership base, your readers will feel that they know you personally. I have been blogging in Nigeria for a short while now and I haven’t met many of my readers yet. (Maybe you are one of them). But I met one of my blog readers in person at a time, we connect instantly because they know me better.

That’s a great way to make new friends. If blogging existed in the times of Dale Carnegie, he would have definitely included Blogging as a chapter in his book – ‘How to Win Friends and Influence People’. I have won and influenced more people in my life with blogging than any other method ?

You Become More Confident

With all the above-listed gains because of blogging in Nigeria, it is obvious that you find yourself not just more confident and empowered, but you begin to empower others around you.

As your confidence grows, you gain more knowledge, more creativity, more following, more influence, more credibility and in turn, it feeds your self-confidence. This is the biggest gain of blogging in Nigeria is that you not only make money, you truly increase your self-image and therefore, your income, and your business grows along with it.

This is one character trait that is the key to success in every aspect of life, business or career. If blogging helps you gain these many skills and helps you gain more confidence, I think this is the best investment you can do in yourself.

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Your Blog Becomes a Source of Additional Income

There are many entrepreneurs who have adopted blogging as a business model. Many blogs today are less of blogs and more of online publications with newspaper or magazine style publishing. I am not talking about blogging as a business model here. This post is mostly about personal blogging. It is not about making your blog as a primary source of income. That’s why it is last on the list.

Though your blog can be an additional source of income, it need not be small. I know people who work at full-time jobs but make more income from their blog in a semi-passive way.

Apart from all the benefits of blogging mentioned above, your blog can be a source of direct and indirect income when it reaches the critical mass of readership.

Direct Income Sources:

  • Selling display advertising
  • Letting someone sponsor your rich media content
  • Promotion of products through Affiliate Links
  • Generate and sell leads for other’s products/services
  • YouTube/Video channel advertising

Indirect Income Sources:

  • Opportunity to land on a book deal
  • Invitation to become a writer for another blog/magazine
  • Getting hired for seminar, training or guest lecture
  • Getting a new job or consultancy offer
  • Promotion of your company’s products & services

The above list is endless. I’m sure this definitely gives you an idea about what kind of opportunities blogging can give you.



Do you see a reason why you should blog or continue to blogging in Nigeria? Everything chronicled here is just the selected few based on personal experience about blogging.

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What About You?

What are some of the other benefits of blogging in Nigeria that you see? What are some of the concerns that you think stops people from starting their own blog in spite of the benefits listed here? Please share your thoughts in the comments section. Your feedback means the world to me!