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7 Best Online Money Making Opportunities In Nigeria (2019)

Last updated on February 11th, 2020 at 01:35 pm

Searching for online money making opportunities?

Take a pause, and answer this:

How would life feel if you suddenly wake up someday and the reality that you will never be broke again hits you hard?

That means you will never have to worry about what to eat, you live in the choicest part of town, you can afford to take a vacation to any location of your choice in the world, you have access to the best healthcare and much more

Did I forget to mention your dream car?

Before this becomes a mere illusion, can I tell you how those dreams can become a reality?

It has to be Passive Income!

That is what it means to desire online making opportunities, especially in Nigeria. This is a very serious matter.

Let me share with you the 7 best online money making opportunities to create passive and active income online today.


what is a blog

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Starting a blog is now a piece of cake today and also one of the online money making opportunities out there. There are tons of bloggers in Nigeria making lots of money.

We all know Linda Ikeji, Bella Naija, Jason Njoku, and several other big names in the blogging industry in Nigeria. These guys make a lot of money.

Another secret about blogging is that you do not need to be the next Linda Ikeji to be a successful blogger, there are lots of Niche blogs making a lot of money but unknown to the general public.

It must be noted that blogging isn’t a get rich quick scheme, this is why many bloggers do not stay more than a year before stopping. Blogging is never a sprint, rather a marathon. You must be passionate about the blog, genuinely concerned about people’s need, and have lots of patience to see the blog grow.

If you are not harnessing the benefits of blogging, then you are hurting yourself and your business. The good thing is that you can start a blog as a part-time hustle and when it starts gaining traction you can choose to face it full-time, and create lots of online money making opportunities.

Best Online Money Making Opportunities From A Blog

There are several online money making opportunities with a blog, all bloggers are supposed to find an appropriate strategy that suits their style and follow. Here are some ways you can earn with a blog:

Sell Ads:

This is the most popular way known to make money with a blog, it simply involves selling ads space on your blog. The challenge with this method is that a blog would be generating significant traffic to attract clients who want to advertise. The easiest ads program most bloggers easily join is Google Adsense, again you can join this program as a new blogger but you will still need a good amount of traffic to make a decent income.  This style of earning is outdated because readers hate ads.

Affiliate Marketing:

This is the best way most bloggers start earning with their blogs. What this means is that they find products/services related to their niche and they market it to their blog audience and the product owner gives them certain commission per sale.

Product Review:

Bloggers create contents reviewing products for people, they use this to guide their blog visitors by stating the pros and cons of those products. The idea is if you can help educate your readers on what to buy then you have created a soft spot for them to buy the products through your affiliate link. Products reviews go as far helping users find the best place to buy such products at the cheapest price – no one says no to that.

Creating your own products:

The best to earn through a blog is use it to promote your business. Do you have products or service you offer, blog around it, attract leads and sell to them? This is the best way to earn something significant. Blogging is business and must be taken as such. You can sell any product with your blog, ranging from physical products, ebooks, creating courses, any products at all.

These are just a little few online money making opportunities with a blog, learn to start your own blog today!

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Starting a YouTube channel is one of the best online money making opportunities in Nigeria today. I do not need to tell you that Nigerians are consumers. We consume more than we produce.

The same things go into content, Nigerians consumes lots of content on a daily basis.

It’s just very easy to have a million views on YouTube and that is a lot of money in Naira, far more than what many average Nigerians earn as a salary. The Idea now is for you to have lots of viral videos. I think if you can have videos that can give you nothing less than 10k views monthly, then you can earn something reasonable enough.

Best Niches With Amazing Online Money Making Opportunities On YouTube:


Anything from weight loss, sexual mastery, fitness etc sell like wildfire. In this niche you see videos hitting 20 million views, and huge traffic brings several online money making opportunities. We take our health seriously and that is why content around health sells a lot, especially if you create something that helps people everyday life.


This content includes regular updates of everyday life, from personal development, family, school, relationships etc. This type of content gets lots of engagements, people just always want to connect everyday lifestyle.

Celebrity News:

Having a YouTube channel dedicated to celebrity news and gist is a popular niche on YouTube. I do not need to tell you that our celebrities today are idols that their fans worship. Fans go to any length to keep in touch and know more about their celebrities.

Tech Videos:

If you can create “how to” tech videos then you can create amazing online money making opportunities. Someone like me would be a fan, I consume a lot of videos like this because I like to learn new things every now and then. Before I hire out a service then you can bet that it’s something I will never be able to figure out or something that may require more time than I am willing to offer. People consume contents like this a whole lot.

And so many other niches, visit YouTube and then check out yourself.

Regardless of the niche of your content, you must encourage your viewers to subscribe to your Channel. Once you begin to get subscribers, that can increase engagements for your videos and then create more online money making opportunities.

Beyond the YouTube monetization display ads, you can also use your videos to sell your products, ebook, courses etc. You can even review products and ask viewers to buy through your link. There is just no limit to how you can use this platform to earn.


Info Products

info product

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One of the easiest ways of making money online is creating information products, consumers surf the web daily in search of information to their needs – like I said we consume a lot in this part of the world.

Information Products are products that can be delivered over the internet that basically provide needed information about a topic that is of sufficient interest to get people to pay for such an information. This type of products is any final product in the form of information that a person needs to have.

Information products can be in different formats. While most are in eBook format, e.g. PDF ebooks, there are other formats in which information products can be presented. There are audio recordings, or video recordings, and, also in most cases, a combination of all of the above. Others include  PowerPoint presentation, software, etc.

A few reasons why you should start selling information products are:

Low or no capital to start:

Unlike most businesses out there that require a lot of capital to start up, all you need to start up an information business is to simply identify a need. Isn’t that everything about a business? When you identify this need, provide relevant information about this need, it becomes easy if these needs are around your area of expertise then all you may need to start the business is your time, brain, a computer and necessary branding for the product.

One major challenge with this money making opportunity is that you may have to some competitions. It’s almost impossible for you to find an idea or identify a need no one already has identified. But that should never stop you!

What should always keep you going is this – there is a need to be met!

You can earn  more Profits:

We know physical products mostly have fixed prices – they are always priced in accordance with their intrinsic value. Providing knowledge is a bit different.

  • How much do you think a “fat” young lady would love to pay to have a perfect body?
  • What about a young man how out there suffering from inferiority complex, how much do think he is ready to pay to have tips to land the woman of his dream?
  • How huge do you think an upcoming entrepreneur will be willing to pay to make 10X more revenue without increasing cost?

We all have dreams and aspirations and in those aspirations are lots of challenges and obstacles. The hidden but obvious truth is that people want solutions to their problems and they are willing to pay if they are sure it will be of immense help.

It’s all passive income:

Another reason why you should create information products is simply that you earn in passive income. If you are a business consultant or a Lawyer, you will always need to offer services every time to get paid right? If you start a restaurant business, you will always need to make good food daily to make a profit right? But you create info products once and you make money from it in passive income as long as forever. It is simply a money machine.


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Self Publishing

self publishing

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Do you have great writing skills? Perhaps you are an amazing storyteller, then this might be your next big hit.

If you are looking for means to monetize this skill, then you should consider publishing ebooks online.

You see, what the big publishing companies do with their big offices for their editors, writers, big printing presses, marketing network, administrative staff, and finally distributing the books around to make it hopefully available for prospective readers…

…all of these you can do with your computer today! To bring it more home, you can do in the comfort of your home.

If this is not a massive business opportunity for writers and publishers, then I don’t know what is.

There are a lot of ways you can get started with this:

Publishing an ebook on Kindle:

This is a rare but lucrative way to generate consistent passive income online. Did you know that After Google, the next big thing is Amazon? Not Facebook, Bing or even Ali Express. Create a free KDP Account today on Amazon and start the journey. The challenge for Nigerians is that you cannot earn royalties from sales in Nigerian Naira as there is no provision for that. However, you can create a free America Dollar checking Account with Payoneer and everything else becomes a piece of cake.

Publish on Okada Books:

Okada Books is one amazing platform lots of Nigerian writers are taking serious advantage of today. How does it sound for you to create your ebook in an epub format an then upload it on Okada Books and people can have access to buy and read your ebook. Unfortunately, it is not that simple. If you do not have an audience already you might struggle to make a sale. This means you might have to invest in serious promotion to make a decent sale. Well, I think promotion is constant whether or not you are using Okada Books.

Sell on your website/blog:

This is the best way I believe you can have your book sold easily online. It is the best yet the hardest if you ask me. But if you can be patient enough to go through this route then there is no limit to how much you can earn. It will cost more money to create a website, more time to keep relevant articles rolling that will attract buyers, more time to convert website visitors into buying clients. But once this is done, sales will scale on auto-pilot. This is because you will have your own audience, people comfortable with your content, raving fans ready to buy. It is easy to re-sell to someone who has already bought and read your book.

More and more shoppers try to search for a product on Amazon than other traditional search engines.

Learn how to setup your own blog in this 14 video free course.


Affiliate Marketing

Probably you have heard of Affiliate Marketing in Nigeria and it’s something you have not been able to wrap your head around.

You have heard or seen some big boys on the internet or business space telling you the huge online money making opportunities they have found in  Affiliate Marketing in Nigeria and you wonder if it could be true one can earn so much through affiliate marketing – it is so true!

Affiliate marketing is one of the easiest ways to earn online – Up to 90% of online billionaires started out with affiliate marketing.

If you want to learn deeply about affiliate marketing, then check out my ultimate guide to affiliate marketing in Nigeria, and know exactly how to use it to create more online money making opportunities.

Affiliate marketing simply involves selling a product/service on behalf of a merchant and you get a certain commission for sales. If you are serious about earning online then you should consider Affiliate marketing and do not start until you read my ultimate guide.


Web Designing

web design

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People are starting new businesses daily in Nigeria.

More businesses are succeeding by the day…

Unknown to the majority of these businesses they can scale their business exponentially if only they become more visible online.

They need to have a website!

Isn’t that an amazing online money making opportunity?

Having a social media account alone will not do the trick – A website will establish more credibility, will automate sales because customers to but their products and services while the business owner is sleeping.

This has made the business of a web designer very lucrative.

But here is another secret you should know!

Gone are the days when you need to have good coding skills to design a website, now a non-tech person can design a website without writing a piece of code.

It is as simple as drag and paste.

I have taught several of my students this amazing business opportunity and they are doing very well. As a matter of fact, I have made up to 60% of the revenue I made online from designing professional websites alone. You too can join us by signing up here

I’m currently giving a 5k coupon code to my students learning website design, hurry up and claim yours here.

What is most funny is that it a business model you will barely find lots of people talking about – because they do not know it exists and trust Website Design has brought me lots of online money making opportunities, and it is amazing to see those opportunities turning into cash.





First off, what exactly is dropshipping?

This is one of the online money making opportunities not known to many, but it’s a cool way to make lots of money.

In short, it works like this…

  1. Someone orders a physical product from you
  2. They pay you
  3. You then place an order with the warehouse or manufacturer
  4. They ship the product DIRECTLY to the customer
  5. You keep 100% of the profit

Pretty simple right?

And it even gets better…

Right now, more people than EVER are comfortable buying physical products online, so the opportunity has never been bigger than it is right now.

In fact, there’s an entire shopping season built around online selling…

It’s called Black Friday… It’s the BIGGEST online shopping moment in Nigeria. People buy and people sell. Jumia and Konga and also other e-commerce platforms in Nigeria make sakes in billions.

Dropshipping makes it easy for ANYONE to get their share of the multi-billion eCommerce pie…

Why Dropshipping Is The Best Way To Get Started Making Money Online?

  • You can get started with dropshipping right away since you don’t have to buy any inventory to get started
  • You’re providing real value and giving people what they want when you offer physical products online.
  • Getting started takes just a couple of hours of setup time when you know what you’re doing.
  • Margins are great… You’ll very often see 50-150%+ margins when selling physical products online with dropshipping.
  • It’s easy to quickly scale up your income up fast and make five and even six figures quickly.

If dropshipping is so simple, why isn’t everyone doing it?

To Make Money And Get Results With Dropshipping,

It’s All About The Small Details…

  • Finding the right market or niche to work with
  • Finding products that people want and locating vendors that will dropship those products
  • The steps to getting your online store up-and-running without a massive investment
  • Getting traffic to your store and then getting those people to buy

Although all of the above is simple if you know what you’re doing… You may even start dropshipping to Jumia and Konga or any preferred e-commerce website if you do not want to create your own e-commerce website.

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I hope you take advantage of the online money making opportunities listed above and start crushing them.

All the best.