About Me

I’m Oladapo Afolabi, popularly referred to as Daps, I’m a patriotic Nigerian, a google certified partner, living presently in Lagos, Nigeria. I love my country and I’m proud of my skin. I believe the only revolution Nigeria and Africa can experience is entrepreneurial and not political. This passion led me to start my official website and first blog dapsdiary.com. I used this blog to communicate my passion for entrepreneurship, personal development and national values.

I fell in love with blogging and business online through the blog, I also learnt digital marketing primarily through the blog. I can say that website gave me everything I needed to be here today. The knowledge, connection, and so on.

31st 2016 was a day I made one of the biggest decision of my life – I quit my job to focus on my blog. In the thick of the recession in Nigeria, even when my blog was not paying me a dime. Would I encourage people to take the same decision I took? Not really! But if I have the chance again, I’ll still quit. People were just waiting for me to fail, and I worked hard never to let it happen. My passion to learn blogging made me a digital marketing expert today.

I did not stop at having digital marketing knowledge, I took time to get necessary certifications. Daps is a Google certified Adwords and Analytics professional, check my profile on Google here

I also got other certification in digital marketing, and more still coming. I’m just passionate about being the best at what I do.

The Long Story

Writing my story is one heck of a job!

Because there is nothing special about me or my story – I’m a regular guy like any other person on the street.

I was not born with silver-spoon in my mouth, that is if I was born with any spoon at all. I was born and raised up in an outskirt of town in Lagos, Nigeria. I never grew up to know my needs being met neither did I have the luxury to a meal I want. I did not access the best education, all I have ever had was my life, and a clean canvas life gave me to dream and aspire for greatness.

I struggled as a child. I watched my parent struggled in penury to ensure we had food and have a place even if not cozy to lay our heads at night.

Severally, I had reasons to hulk on the streets, we would sell any available fruits from my dad’s little garden in other to avoid waste and above all to get some money in return. As a kid, I never saw too much a big deal in it, my elder brother will get ashamed to do this – no one will ever want to be the laughing stock of other kids on the street – for me I did it with Joy and determination. Things were difficult around and about me, but buried within me was a huge quest for life.

I thought life was going to be very fast for me, I believed in my several abilities – but I lied. I graduated from secondary school at age 16, upon leaving school I believed I was going to get my an admission into the university immediately – but I lied again

The Nigerian factor played it role and got a bit of me.

Just when I was writing my WASCE exams, I was set to leave secondary school and all that was on my mind was to get admission. I trusted I had a father, who would help me with the lobby I need to make sure I secure an admission. Then life threw a hit at me – I lost my dad. I learnt my first notable lesson in life – NEVER PUT YOUR HOPE IN A MAN. A lesson I would never forget till I drop my last breath.

I thought I was going to graduate from college (University) at age 20, get a good job – love a woman and marry her by age 25, build a cozy life around myself and be fine. Those became mere fantasies – even though they were very real to me at some point.

At age 25 I was still an undergraduate trying to get a degree – guess I was crushed by life! Life was more slow to me.

I watched many of my folks run ahead of me – Facebook did a good job demoralizing me at the time, it portrayed me a failure. That feeling when you login and all you see is pictures of friends posting their success, some studying in the choicest university of their choice in Europe, another graduated, some others sending their wedding invitations, and so many others achieving a lot out of life. It seem as if I was on the wrong side of life. Moment of frustrations and perplexities I must confess.

I know millions of people go through similar challenges or more. I can do a good number of friends who life and society did more damage to than myself.

Before this story gets too long and unacceptably boring, I’ll need to make it shorter and wrap it up. The intention is never to bore you.

Upon leaving the university – well, I did not have to stay at home for many years like the typical case of so many people out there in search of a job. Connections got me one – even though it was not what I wanted, the pay was not even something to be proud of. I got something was the initial Joy. I just couldn’t wait to catch up the time I lost.

The story changed over time…

Instead of being happy I was more frustrated…

I wanted more…

I wanted more than the salary…

There was no Joy at work…

I felt empty…

These feeling were not my exclusive reserve, when I spoke with colleagues and friends – for so many it was the same feeling. Perhaps my dear reader too can identify with this feeling.

Salaries couldn’t pay the bills!

When the alert drops by month end, the money always come finished due to accrued bills.

Immediately I knew if I continue on this path – life would be slow for me. I knew something was missing. I knew I had to do things differently to get a different result.

I have always dreamt of greatness! Nothing more!!

I have always wanted to create wealth –  I was never ready to settle for less.

I do not know if someone out there ever felt the same way I did?

I did something about my condition – one I’m proud of today. I QUIT MY JOB!

That only made who I am today.